Our Mission

Our Business is a sophisticated cloud-based Web Fax service that safely sends out, gets, shops and handles all your business files. As leaders in a budget friendly, trusted Fax-over-IP utilizing normal fax devices, Our Business provides versatile, scalable Web Fax options with unrivaled functions and efficiency, beginning at rates lower than many analog phone lines!

Our Business links any basic facsimile machine to the Web, integrating the advantages of Web Fax with existing fax devices and familiar file workflow. Send out genuine paper faxes online with the push of a button.
Previously, utilizing a facsimile machine needed an analog phone line or a costly devoted fax server.

Voice-over-IP (VoIP) users and companies understand the disappointment of being not able to send out faxes dependably utilizing a facsimile machine on a VoIP connection. Our Business advanced innovation works along with VoIP and assurances dependable faxing online utilizing any normal facsimile machine.

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